Accounting Office


The Texas Law Accounting Office provides accounting and reporting services for the School of Law as directed by the Office of the Dean. Its members assist faculty, staff, students, student organizations and journals with the proper reporting and accounting of law school funds held in their respective units.


All payments that are to be made through the Accounting Office must be initiated using the School of Law voucher form. Every effort should be made to submit your expenses for reimbursement as soon as possible after incurring the costs in order to eliminate any confusion that might occur due to invalid account numbers, unavailable funds, reporting periods or IRS regulations.

Supplies Request

All requests for supplies, equipment and printing must be submitted through the Texas Law purchasing system. Ordering supplies through the purchasing system assures compliance with a university supply contract which requires 100 percent compliance by the campus community. Ordering equipment and printing through the purchasing system assures compliance with state and university regulations. Software and hardware must be ordered by pro-card or a university purchase order and approved by Law Technology Services (LTS).


All deposits must be accompanied by the School of Law deposit worksheet. Deposits of gifts and donations should be brought to TNH 3.119. All other deposits should be brought to the School of Law Accounting Office TNH 4.105. See deposit instructions.


All contracts must be reviewed and signed by the Dean’s Office. Only an individual with a written delegation of authority from the president of the university may execute and deliver contracts on behalf of the university and/or the School of Law. This includes Student Organizations and Journals.