Facilities Office

The Texas Law Facilities Office works with law school, university and outside offices, shops or vendors to administer, preserve and renew the infrastructure of the school. Services include: voicemail and long distance access coordination, key authorizations, visitor parking coordination, moving and storage, mail and supply, property inventory and transfers, room use inventory, fire safety and security coordination, design and renovation project participation, and other services affecting the buildings and their physical contents, design and planning.

Communications Center

The Communications Center is the law school’s central switchboard as well as the distribution point for incoming U.S. mail and campus mail, UPS, FedEx and other shipments. It is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Only faculty, staff, registered student organizations/journals, and university-sponsored projects can be assigned a mailbox in the Communications Center. To contact the Center, call 512-232-1101 during business hours, or email Law-Facilities@lawutexas.edu any time.

Central Resources