Human Resources

Current Employees

As a current employee, you can use central UT resources to find all of the information you need, from the day-to-day essentials to your future plans. Here are just a few:


As a manager, you have many responsibilities to your employees and the university. Here are some central UT resources to help meet your job duties.

Hourly Employees

At Texas Law, a lot of our hourly employees are student workers. However, before students can begin work at the law school, they must review the New Employee Checklist and ensure all required documents have been submitted to the Human Resources office.


It is of utmost importance for hourly employees to complete and submit timesheets by the end of each pay period (15th and last day of each month).


Amanda Schaefer, Director of Human Resources
TNH 2.119A

Andrea R. Zabcik, Human Resources Coordinator
TNH 3.110