Employee Recognition Committee Bylaws

Committee Bylaws


The Texas Law Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) was established by the dean in November 2009 as a way to recognize employees who make exceptional contributions to the University of Texas School of Law.

The mission of the ERC is to recognize the great work that Texas Law staff contribute to the law school community based on monthly nominations received via the law school’s online recognition form. The ERC is also responsible for the selection of the Employee of the Year and Honorable Mention Employee of the Year, awards that are presented to a law school employees who have exemplified and exhibited expertise, dedication, continuous hard work by streamlining processes and/or going above and beyond by expanding services to the law school and Law Library.

The ERC is also responsible for developing incentives that create a positive work environment, motivate high performances and create a culture of staff recognition in the law school.

Committee Membership

  • Committee members serve for a one-year term and members are eligible to serve for an additional year with manager’s approval. No member can serve for more than two consecutive years.
  • The committee is comprised of eligible law school and Tarlton Law Library classified employees and chaired by the office of the dean.
  • Employees not eligible to serve on the committee include student workers, part-time, temporary employees, and those employed by the law school for less than six months.
  • Eligible employees are welcomed to apply to serve on the Committee on an annual basis.
  • Employees must get supervisor approval to serve on the Committee.
  • ERC members are appointed by the current ERC members and advised by the Director of Human Resources.

Committee Time Commitment

  • The Committee meets once a month to select recipients.
  • Monthly meetings usually last between 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Additional time commitment of 45 minutes to an hour needed each month to send out e-mails to staff members and notify recipients if recognized as an “Employee of the Month” or other recognitions.
  • The Committee may choose to meet at additional times as needed when planning new incentive programs for the law school.
  • Committee members agree to overlap at least one month after his/her successor has been chosen to help train/guide their replacement.

Committee Duties

  • The Committee should designate a member who will contact Committee members for each monthly meeting.
  • The Committee should designate a member who will send out an e-mail requesting nominations twice a month to law-school@law.utexas.edu.
  • The Committee should designate a member who will send out an e-mail to law-school@law.utexas.edu announcing the Employee(s) of the Month.
  • The Committee should designate a member or members who will notify staff recipients of their recognition.
  • The Committee should designate a member to keep accurate records of staff recipients and bring updated copies to each meeting.
  • The Committee should designate a member to oversee any budgets and purchases related to the Employee Recognition program.
  • The Committee should designate a member to reserve meeting rooms and send meeting invitations to the rest of the Committee members.

Monthly Employee Recognition Selection

  • All Texas Law faculty and staff may nominate eligible staff members via the online recognition form at any time.
  • Eligible for Nominations:
    • School of Law and Law Library employees
    • Full-time employees
    • Classified and A&P employees
    • Faculty members are not eligible
  • The Director of Human Resources at Texas Law will forward all eligible nominations to each Committee member the day before/of their meeting at the end of the month.

Committee Members

2015-16: April Rogers, Richard Lee, Cindy Roberts and Rachel Erwin.
2014-15: Teri Gaus, Sherry Clark, Richard Lee, April Rogers and Cindy Roberts.
2013-14: Marsha Moyer, Teri Gaus, Sherry Clark, Frances Chi and Angelica Reyes.
2012-13: Marsha Moyer, Teri Gaus, Kelley Booker, Jimmy Cardenas and Angelica Reyes.
2011-12: Susan Beckman, Drew Carls, Gena Dawson, Kelly Booker and Angelica Reyes.
2010-11: Deb Freeman, Chau Curfman and Alex Martinez