Employee of the Month Award


The Texas Law Employee of the Month Award is a way to recognize employees who make exceptional contributions to the University of Texas School of Law.

  • All Texas Law faculty and staff may nominate one eligible staff member via the online recognition form during the open submission window (monthly).
  • All nominations received during the year stay on file for consideration towards the employee of the year award.
  • Eligible for Nominations:
    • School of Law and Law Library employees
    • Classified and A&P employees are eligible
    • Faculty members are not eligible
    • Probationary staff are not eligible

2021-2022 Award Recipients

September: Joaquin Tovar, Building Manager
October: Wendy Schneider, Brand and Communications Manager
November: Courtney Brown, Student Program Coordinator
December/January: Laura Trevino, Library Assistant II
February: Laura Ari, Sr. Administrative Associate
March: Yvette Alvarado, Assistant Director for Development for Stewardshi

Committee Members

2021-22: Marsha Moyer, Natzyeli Leugers, Sylvia Hendricks
2015-16: April Rogers, Richard Lee, Cindy Roberts, Rachel Erwin
2014-15: Teri Gaus, Sherry Clark, Richard Lee, April Rogers, Cindy Roberts
2013-14: Marsha Moyer, Teri Gaus, Sherry Clark, Frances Chi, Angelica Reyes
2012-13: Marsha Moyer, Teri Gaus, Kelley Booker, Jimmy Cardenas, Angelica Reyes
2011-12: Susan Beckman, Drew Carls, Gena Dawson, Kelly Booker, Angelica Reyes
2010-11: Deb Freeman, Chau Curfman, Alex Martinez