Law School Principles

School of Law Principles

If you believe a Texas Law employee to be an exceptional example of the values listed below, please recognize them with an Employee of the Month/Year Nomination.

Please select which principle(s) this nominee exemplifies the most:

  1. Supporting university practices, procedures and policies

    • Bringing about significant positive change in support of the University’s mission
    • Eliminating obstacles to achieving the University’s mission
  2. Innovation and proactive leadership

    • Utilizing highly effective practices to inspire and lead others to contribute constructively to the University’s mission
    • Proactively identifying and resolving challenges that interfere with School of Law activities to further the University’s mission
  3. Extraordinary service to community

    • Supporting the campus and/or the School of Law community in ways that exceed expectations and result in unexpected positive outcomes that support the university’s mission
  4. Leadership and cost-consciousness

    • Identifying improvements to policies, practices and/or program designs that result in substantial cost savings or financial gain to the University while supporting the University’s mission
  5. Building partnerships

    • Developing and utilizing strong, constructive, and productive relationships that enable the goals to be met in support of the University’s mission
    • Improving the School of Law’s morale through action(s) exceeding job expectations

To nominate someone for exemplifying one or more of the above principles, visit the Law School Staff Recognition page.