Planning Your Own Event

For groups planning their events independently, we have provided a general checklist to serve as your guide. We suggest you complete the following steps in sequential order:

  1. Check room availability at the Texas Law Rooms web page and reserve a space for your event. For Special Event rooms, include any furniture setup or linens needed. Please inform the Special Events Office if you wish to handle the remaining aspects of the event independently. As a reminder, your reservation is not complete until you receive an email confirmation.
  2. If food will be served, decide on a caterer.
    • Contact the caterer and give them a date, time and place to deliver the food. It is generally best to have the food delivered 30 minutes before the start of the event. Provide the caterer with your name, phone number, email, mailing and any other information regarding your organization. Please be sure to let them know that you are ordering apart from the Special Events Office. Contact Special Events Office for caterer suggestions.
    • Ensure the delivery driver has your onsite contact information. This way, they can contact you if any last-minute issues arise.

Once your event is finished: remove all trash from the room. (Be sure to request a trashcan when you reserve the room, some areas will require a work order to clean after the event).