What Texas Law Alumni Say About Studying Abroad

Ranked third in the nation for the number of students who study abroad, UT sends more than 4,400  Longhorns (including 40+ Texas Law students) around the world each year on immersive academic, internship and service-learning programs that equip them with experience and skills to excel as global leaders. By living and learning abroad, UT students develop sought-after qualities like adaptability, intercultural communication, and self-awareness that prepare them for diverse professional settings. Our commitment to global education is reflected in the volume of programs we offer and our dedication to enacting solutions that make study abroad accessible to all students. – University of Texas at Austin International Office 2017-2018 Impact Report 

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“Studying abroad was the best decision. First, I got to see some of the most beautiful sites in the world with my closest friends. Second, studying non-U.S. law gave me an alternative, diverse perspective in which to interpret legal matters. Lastly, it allowed me to return to my 3L year refreshed and ready to study for the bar exam. I would highly recommend it!”

Serene Ateek ’17studied at the Oxford Brookes University 

“I spent my 3L year pursuing an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in International Human Rights Law at the University of Edinburgh, and it was a great decision for me. I was able to dive deep into an area of the law that fascinated me, while studying in a beautiful city and getting a real cultural experience. Now, after coming home, getting barred, and practicing at a domestic firm, I am pursuing my dreams by working at an International Human Rights Organization.”

Daniel Benowitz ’17studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland 

study abroad students in Oslo

“Going abroad my 3L year was the best decision I made in law school. The value of my law degree was increased twofold by the exposure to and study of several European legal systems I received while in Oslo. Aside from being the most fun four months of my life, my time abroad was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to study people, which has proved to be an invaluable asset in my (very young) legal career. I learned how to live with a new level of independence, self-sufficiency and curiosity that has made every part of my life more fulfilling since then. Spending a semester in Norway was by far the highlight of my time at Texas Law. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Erin Cusenbary ’18, studied at the University of Oslo, Norway

“Studying abroad at Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia was absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is so valuable and enriching to meet law students from different countries around the world and getting to learn about their respective legal systems. Those interactions, along with student with monkeys on his headthe comparative law classes I took at Bond, have helped me think critically about the laws in this country. Surfing, scuba diving, hanging with kangaroos, and camping in the Outback weren’t bad either! The decision to study abroad was the best decision I made in all of law school, and I truly can’t recommend it enough.”

– Joshua Gold17studied at Bond University, Australia


“My semester in London was a once in a lifetime experience. Not only did I get the chance to immerse myself in another culture, but I was able to study the foundations of American law. I made lifelong friends and memories, and I am so grateful for my time there. I can’t wait until I go back.”

– Aaron Schulze ’18studied at Queen Mary University London, England

Picture of student in front of Swiss mountain range“Studying abroad in Switzerland during my 3L year was a life-changing experience! In addition to learning about an entirely different legal system and strengthening my skills in one of the premier international arbitration venues in the world, I visited fourteen other countries and experienced everything from paragliding in the Swiss mountains to sailing off the coast of Portugal. Living in another country provided a type of exposure that prepared me for my future interactions with non-US attorneys and clients. I highly recommend going abroad for personal and professional enrichment!”

– Monika Dziemianczuk ’19studied at University of Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland