Regional Events

Date Location Event
Sep. 14 Hanover, NH Dartmouth College Law & Medical School Fair
Sep. 24 Madison, WI University of Wisconsin Law School Expo
Sep. 25 Ithaca, NY Cornell Law School Day
Sep. 26 Charlottesville, VA University of Virginia Graduate and Professional School Fair
Sep. 27 St. Louis, MO Washington University in St. Louis Law School Fair
Sep. 29 Chicago, IL Chicago LSAC Forum
Oct. 2 El Paso, TX UTEP Graduate & Professional Schools Fair
Oct. 4 Austin, TX Texas Law Day I
Oct. 6 Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles LSAC Forum
Oct. 9 South Bend, IN Notre Dame Law School Fair
Oct. 10 Ann Arbor, MI University of Michigan Law Day
Oct. 10 Austin, TX St. Edward’s Univeristy Graduate and Professional School Fair
Oct. 13 Miami, FL Miami LSAC Forum
Oct. 19 Atlanta, GA Atlanta LSAC Forum
Oct. 26 New York, NY New York LSAC Forum
Oct. 27 New York, NY New York LSAC Forum
Nov. 2 San Francisco, CA San Francisco LSAC Forum
Nov. 10 Houston, TX Houston LSAC Forum
Nov. 12 Boston, MA Boston LSAC Forum