Student Ambassadors

Since 1988 the Student Ambassadors have worked closely with the law school’s Admissions Office acting as an invaluable resource for prospective students seeking to learn more about both the admissions process and the law school itself. Student Ambassadors help applicants by giving tours of the law school and by participating in Admissions Office programming. Having been through this process themselves, the Student Ambassadors are in a unique position to provide not only practical assistance, but also insight from their firsthand experience.

Anthony (2L)

Houston, TX
Texas Southern University

Beth (2L)

Boerne, TX
University of Houston

John (3L)

Huntington Beach, CA

Kathy (2L)

Austin, TX
Dartmouth College

Kohl (3L)

College Station, TX
Texas A&M University

Lena (3L)

Shawnee, KS
Trinity University

Marissa (2L)

San Antonio, TX
University of Texas at Austin

Mimi (2L)

Seguin, TX
University of Texas at Austin

Sahill (2L)

Cedar Park, TX
Rice University