Contributors Report FY18

Headshot: Ward FarnsworthWe’ve just completed another remarkable annual giving drive at the law school. Below you will find our online roster of devoted supporters who participated in the It Starts Here 2017-18 campaign. They are our heroes.

The distinctive mission and historical hallmark of our law school is to provide a top-tier education to our students without top-tier debt. Historically, we have done it better than anyone. You all know it well; I’ll bet most of you would agree that coming to the School of Law was one of the best decisions you ever made. The value and importance of our mission is shown in the lives you lead.

This great mission depends on support from all of our alumni. I hope that if you’re not on the report for the year just ended, you’ll consider this an invitation to be one of the first to get on next year’s list!

Please help us to keep your school great.  Contribute whatever and however you can—and accept my heartfelt thanks.

Hook ’em,

Ward Farnsworth
Dean, The University of Texas Law School


It Starts Here: Texas Law Annual Giving 2017 / 2018

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100% Giving Challenge

Scholarship Campaign: Endowment for Excellence logo

The Endowment for Excellence

The Endowment for Excellence Campaign was launched to ensure that Texas Law remains the provider of the finest lawyers, judges, political leaders and public servants in Texas and elsewhere for decades to come. It has been an extraordinary success.

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Major Gift Endows New Budd Innocence Center

"As Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ That's why we wanted to create the Budd Innocence Center. For an innocent person to stay in prison because there are no resources available to investigate and prove their innocence is the ultimate injustice." Russell and Dorothy Budd's $3 million gift will support a new center and the Actual Innocence Clinic.

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Headshot photo of Bruce Broillet

Planned Giving: Bruce Boillet

For Bruce Broillet, the rationale for giving is simple. “There is a circle of life in the law school, and graduates should give back if they have the wherewithal to do it, to help the school and great students.”

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