Headshot photo of Bruce Broillet

A Man with a Plan

Bruce Broillet ’74 is a former Alumni Association president and a dedicated benefactor of the law school, as well as our foremost ambassador in Southern California. He and his wife, Norah, have generously included the law school in their estate planning.

For Bruce Broillet, the rationale for giving is simple. “There is a circle of life in the law school, and graduates should give back if they have the wherewithal to do it, to help the school and great students.”

Broillet, one of the country’s most successful trial lawyers, has long been dedicated to the law school. “I created my first scholarship at the law school more than 15 years ago, to honor my mom and dad.” Later, when the law school announced the Endowment for Excellence Fund, the Broillet family eagerly participated in that, too. “With the matching funds, I was excited to leverage my dollars to make an even bigger scholarship.”

Now, the Broillets have included the law school in their estate planning. “Even though my wife isn’t an alumna, she’s as dedicated to this as I am. So many of our best friends are from UT, and even though we’re spread out, we often get together for birthdays and other special occasions.”

For Broillet, his commitment to giving runs deeper than any one school. “The legal system is the mark of civilization. And law touches everything: the environment, arts, space, domestic harmony, health. Everything you can think of, there’s an aspect of the law.”

“What I’m doing is my part to ensure the well-being of the profession and, by extension, our world.”

“What better way to help?”

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