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Class Scholarships

Class Scholarships support Texas Law excellence.

Recruiting talented students and providing them with a world-class education continues to be a top goal for our law school. Scholarships are critical to this effort. Your class’s legacy can be a part of this effort when your classmates make a generous contribution to their class scholarship.

With the state legislature shifting its budgeting priorities in the early 2000s and the increase in costs, tuition at Texas Law is nowhere close to what most alumni remember. While we are still priced competitively compared to our peer schools, they have been able to offer financial assistance to top candidates far in excess of what Texas Law has historically been able to provide.

Join your classmates in making a gift to a class scholarship in honor of your Reunion. You may contribute to your class scholarship in any amount and at any time.

Support Your Class Scholarship


Median Scholarship: Grant Award (2019)
The MEDIAN SCHOLARSHIP/ GRANT AWARD (2019) given by The University of Texas School of Law was $13,000 while the average gift from other top law schools was over $26,000.


Tuition at Texas Law
TUITION AT TEXAS LAW – In-state tuition has risen sharply since the year 2000 from about $6,000 to $36,428 in 2020. Out-of-state tuition has risen to $54,096 in 2020.