Fall OCI: Resume Collects

Employers who are unable to attend OCI have the option of posting summer and postgraduate opportunities through the Fall OCI program as resume collects. Resume collect employers can be identified by the term “N/A (Resume Collection)” under the [Interview Dates] column on Symplicity. Employers who have elected this option have requested that the CSO collect and forward applications materials to them as they will contact students directly to schedule interviews at a later date. There are a few things you should remember about resume collect employers during the application/bidding period:

  • Resume collect employers do not count against your 60-bid maximum.
  • You should rank your resume collect employers after your OCI bids; e.g., if you are applying/bidding to 30 employers coming to campus and applying/bidding to five employers participating in resume collects, be sure to rank the resume collects starting with “31”.  Ranking a resume collect employer before an OCI bid lessens the chance of a lottery interview with an employer coming on campus.
  • You are given additional bids (beyond 60) when you apply to a resume collect employer. However, you will need to apply to at least one resume collect employer before reaching your bid maximum in order to be granted additional bids. Just remember to rank your resume collects after all on-campus employer applications/bids.