Fall OCI: Preferred Locations

As some OCI employers may have one recruiting team awarding interviews for multiple offices while others may have recruiting teams responsible for each respective office listed, it’s important to respect the setup of each employer application/bidding opportunity (schedule) and only submit preferred locations provided by the employer for each respective opportunity. Examples: for ABC Law Firm (Austin) you should list Austin as the preferred location; for ABC Law Firm (Dallas) you should list Dallas as the preferred location; and for ABC Law Firm (5 Offices: Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, New York, and Washington, DC) you should list each location in order of your preference within the respective application/bidding opportunity (schedule).

If you desire to work at ABC Law Firm in Dallas more than at ABC Law Firm in Austin, you would then rank (using 1-60) ABC Law Firm (Dallas) higher than ABC Law Firm (Austin) based on your overall bids.