Fall OCI: Interview Awards and Decline Period

The first round of Fall 2011 OCI: Session One interview awards will be released at noon on Wednesday, August 3 on UT Law Symplicity.  During this time, students will be able to view invitation statuses, scheduled interviews and decline any interviews.

To see your scheduled interviews on UT Law Symplicity go to the “Scheduled Interviews” tab under the “Interview Programs” tab.  Be sure to sort by Session by choosing “Fall 2011 OCI: Session One”.

If you wish to accept a scheduled interview, no action is required.  If you wish to decline / cancel an interview, you can do so by selecting the “cancel” button.

If you would like to see your invitation status and your scheduled interviews together, this is available from the “Employers/Applications” tab.  Use the following Search Filters: “Session-Fall 2011 OCI: Session One” and “Employers-With Interviews” and hit “Search.”

On Friday, August 3 at noon the first decline / cancel period closes. Between this time and Monday, August 8 at 10 a.m., when the second decline / cancel period opens, you will not be able to view your scheduled interviews or invitation statuses on UT Law Symplicity while we schedule additional interviews.  All scheduled interviews and invitation statuses will be visible again on Monday, August 8 at 10 a.m.  The second decline period will close on Tuesday, August 9 at noon.

The CSO will continue to schedule interviews throughout the program should openings occur. You will be notified directly of any additional interviews.

After the decline / cancel period, follow the Interviewing Policy for On-Campus Interviews & Off-Campus Job Fairs (PDF), for cancellations.