1Ls May Now Contact Employers

Per NALP’s Principles and Standards, 1Ls and employers may initiate contact with each other regarding employment beginning December 1. Most 1Ls contact employers directly when seeking summer employment, although some obtain positions via Spring OCI, Public Service Career Fair, or the job bank on UT Law Symplicity. Many larger law firms, national nonprofit organizations, and federal agencies typically wish to hear from students in early December. Most other employers, including judges seeking judicial interns, expect to hear from 1L students during the course of the winter and early spring. When deciding a time frame for sending out your application materials, priority should be given to your course work. If initiating your job search in early December will not unduly or negatively affect your studies, contacting certain types of employers earlier may provide advantage.

During the initial application stage, send only your resume and cover letter to employers. Employers may request a transcript, writing sample, and/or list of references at a later stage of the application or interview process. Note that some employers are amenable to receiving application materials via email, so check their websites for more information. If needed, mail merge instructions are available online.

There is still time to schedule a career counseling appointment and resume/cover letter review before you leave for the holidays. To schedule an appointment, stop by the CSO in TNH 3.130 or call 512-232-1150. The CSO will be closed December 23-January 2 for the winter break.

No matter what you decide to do with your first-year summer, remember that prospective employers interviewing you in your second year will likely want to hear about what you did and how your summer experience furthered your career/life objectives.