1Ls: Mock Interview Program Scheduling Begins January 5

Scheduling for the Mock Interview Program, which takes place January 18-20 and 23-24, opens at noon on Thursday, January 5. Here’s what you need to know:

More Interview Slots
The CSO is excited to announce that employer participation for the Mock Interview Program has nearly doubled this year. What does this mean for you? Additional slots will provide you with more than one opportunity to mock interview, which past student participants have told us to be quite helpful. Be sure to note the scheduling periods as interviews are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Public Interest Mock Interviews
This year, UT Law clinical faculty will assist students interested in public interest mock interviews. If you are interested in a public interest career and/or participating in the Public Service Career Fair, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Please review the details of each faculty interviewing opportunity since each will act as a different employer.

Scheduling a Mock Interview
Mock interview scheduling
takes place on UT Law Symplicity. Students must have a copy of their resume uploaded onto UT Law Symplicity before selecting an interview slot. During the scheduling period, you will submit your resume and schedule your mock interview time. It is important that you do BOTH; otherwise, your mock interview will not be scheduled. We have included a “total slots” column, which will show you how many interview slots remain for each employer. If there are zero slots, the system will still let you “bid” but will not let you schedule a time. Therefore, do not bid for an employer with no interview slots available. To double-check that you have scheduled your mock interview correctly, click on the “Scheduled Interviews” tab to review.

For more information, contact me directly at dcarls@law.utexas.edu, 512-232-7110, on Twitter or leave a comment below.