Austin Bar Association Diversity Fellowship Program – Applications Due Wednesday, February 1

The Austin Bar Association Diversity Fellowship Program will be awarding split-summer internships of at least 10 weeks. The first half of the summer will be spent with a public sector employer (e.g., State District or County Court -at-Law Judge) selected by the Committee and the second half of the split-summer internship will be spent with a mid- to large-sized firm, also selected by the Committee.  Each fellow will receive a $5,000 stipend to fund his or her split-summer internship.  All participating employers will be located in the Austin area.  Questions regarding the Fellowship Program and application process should be directed to Tony Nelson at or Leslie Dippel at

To apply for the Diversity Fellowship Program, please provide the application form, a copy of your resume, writing sample, and short essay as indicated on the application. Please submit your completed application to Nicole Simmons in the CSO at or TNH 3.130.

Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, February 1, 2012.