Creating Job Search Agents on UT Law Symplicity

UT Law students and graduates who use the CSO Job Bank and UT Law Symplicity may create job search agents that will automatically inform you via email of new postings that meet the criteria that you have set up. To create a search agent:

  1. Log in to UT Law Symplicity and select the [Job Bank] tab.
  2. Populate the desired search fields under the “Advanced Search” tab. Check-mark the box next to “Save As” and enter a name for the search you’ve just created.
  3. Click the [Search Agents] tab to view, run and/or modify saved searches.

Search agents can be programmed to run automatically according to a predetermined schedule. You can enable the search agent, by clicking the search agent name from the label column. Click “Yes” and then set the Period and Multiple setting; i.e., to run a search every two weeks, select “Week” under period and “2” under multiple.

If you have any questions, please contact the CSO at or submit a question below.