Five-Minute Video on Why You Should Join LinkedIn

As you embark on your career, the Career Services Office encourages you to create a LinkedIn profile to expand and manage your professional network. LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the Internet, enabling you to find and connect with classmates and colleagues that you already know; meet professionals and join groups with similar interests; find new job opportunities; and manage what potential employers learn about you online.  If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, take a moment to watch this five-minute video about LinkedIn and why you should join.

LinkedIn offers online additional training including LinkedIn 101: The Basics of LinkedIn, which are held on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. (CT). Learn how to complete your profile, participate in groups (such as joining the UT Law Alumni-Student Connections, which has more than 1,000 members), adjust your settings, search LinkedIn, and more.

To get the most of out of LinkedIn, here are some helpful tips (courtesy of Zen & The Art of Legal Networking):

  • Have a full and complete profile so that people can get to know you.
  • Make LinkedIn one of the pages that automatically opens when you open your browser – then you don’t have to remember to check it.
  • Reach out to someone in some way every day – comment on a status, recommend an article, “like” someone’s post.
  • Participate actively in groups – ask questions, post relevant articles (not just your own), engage with other participants.
  • Take the relationships offline – offer to meet someone in your network who is local for coffee or lunch and look to meet up with those in other cities when you’re traveling.

If you would like to have your LinkedIn profile reviewed, please contact the CSO at