How Recruiters May Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates

Social media monitoring service Reppler surveyed more than 300 hiring professionals to determine when and how job recruiters are screening job candidates on different social networks. While the report does not distinguish the industries of these hiring professionals, the article on Mashable (Erica Swallow, October 23, 2011) demonstrates the importance of maintaining positive social media sites.

Employers are savvy about online social networking websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and are checking these sites as well as conducting Internet searches on candidates who use Twitter and blogs. Remember that the Internet is public space; therefore, anything you post online can be seen not only by your friends and family, but by potential employers as well. If you post information online that you wouldn’t put on your resume, reconsider whether or not you should publish it publicly on the Web. Even if you remove photos or information, they can still exist in archive caches or on another person’s computer. Once you post something online, it truly is out of your hands. Visit the CSO website for tips to keep in mind when using social media.