U.S. Department of Justice Internship Program & Honors Program – Applications Due Tuesday 9/4

Deadline to apply to either program is Tuesday, September 4, 2012. For more information, visit the DOJ’s Legal Recruiting website.

The Attorney General’s Summer Law Intern Program is the U.S. Department of Justice’s competitive, centralized recruitment program for compensated summer internships.  The majority of SLIP hires are second-year law students who work at Justice the summer between their second and third year of law school.  The SLIP is also open to recent graduates between graduation and the start of a judicial clerkship or full-time qualifying legal fellowship.

The Attorney General’s Honors Program is the U.S. Department of Justice’s competitive, centralized recruitment program that is the only way for new attorneys (i.e., third-year law students and students who enter judicial clerkships, graduate law programs, or qualifying fellowships within nine months of law school graduation) to enter Justice in an attorney position.

Please note:

  • All litigating divisions are participating in this year’s Honors Program.
  • The Executive Office of Immigration Review anticipates hiring 72 Honors Program attorneys this year.
  • The new Criminal Division Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Fellowship, now in its second year, will hire 3 new attorneys.

More United States Attorney’s Offices (USAOs) are hiring through the Honors Program and the SLIP. Due to the level of responsibility held by AUSAs, most of the Honors Program opportunities are only available to applicants who are admitted to a bar or, in some cases, who have taken a summer bar examination with results due in fall 2012. One USAO will consider all Honors Program applicants, including current law students. USAOs participating in the Honors Program are:

  • The District of Arizona
  • The Central District of California
  • The Southern District of California
  • The Northern District of Ohio (will consider all applicants)
  • The Southern District of New York
  • The Western District of Texas
  • The Northern District of Illinois (informal participant)

The Office of the Solicitor General is hiring an Honors Program attorney to serve as special assistant to the Solicitor General. Applicants with federal circuit court of appeals experience should definitely consider this opportunity.

The Justice Department provides paid interview travel for many Honors Program interviews, or offers alternative interview formats (e.g., videoconference) if appropriate.