2013 Urban Leaders Summer Fellowship Opportunity for 1Ls & 2Ls

The Urban Leaders Summer Fellowship is a paid fellowship that recruits the best and brightest for an intensive, six-week experience in Denver, Colorado, or Memphis, Tennessee. Organizers strongly believe that empowering underserved communities requires feet planted in policy and practice. To that end, Fellows work half-time on high-level policy projects with an elected official and half-time alongside community partner organizations.

Seeking 1L and 2L Law Students and Graduate Students for 30-50 paid (stipend will be approx. $2000), six-week Urban Leader Fellowships in Denver, Memphis, and possibly other areas. Hiring projections are for 20-25 Fellows in Denver; 6-10 Fellows in Memphis; and possibility of 6-10 Fellows in additional regions. Fellows will work half-time on high-level policy projects with an elected official. They will also work half-time alongside community partner organizations. Denver fellowships are available in 6 areas: Education, Energy, School Finance, Health, Judiciary, and Transportation, and past community partner organizations have included Denver School of Science and Technology, Denver Public Schools, Colorado Department of Education, Prodigal Son Initiative (anti-gang violence non-profit), Education Reform Now, Teach for America, Stand for Children. Memphis Fellows work on a project-basis, typically in areas such as affordable housing, urban blight, and community engagement; past community partner organizations have included Stand for Children, Memphis Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Department of Education, and Achievement School District. Fellows’ assignments during community partner placement will vary, but all work will be substantive and meaningful for organization. Fellows working at a school site might run a summer school program or conduct data analysis of student outcomes, while Fellows at non-profit might draft strategic plans for a project or conduct a special research project. Candidates may indicate location preferences (if any) and issue area preferences during the application process.

Candidates whose interests and backgrounds fit with the goals and mission of the program are preferred. Specific educational backgrounds are not stated, although an interest in public policy is helpful.

By Friday, February 1, 2013, submit online application, which will be screened for leadership experience and other key indicators of entrepreneurial spirit. Those moving to the Stage 2 Written Exercise will be given a brief excerpt and asked to craft a policy proposal using principals in the excerpt. Exercises are reviewed for entrepreneurial spirit. During Stage 3, telephonic interviews will be conducted and role-playing techniques will be used to gauge mission fit, entrepreneurial spirit and personal responsibility. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, likely after the New Year and into March.

For more information, see posting in the Public Policy Handbook.