CSO Study Break Public Service Stipend for 1Ls and 2Ls – Apply by Wednesday, April 3

The Career Services Office is pleased to announce the 2013 Study Break Public Service Stipend Program. This Program is designed to provide stipends to fund public interest and government internships for a select number of first- and second-year UT Law students.

Each spring, the Career Services Office hosts Study Break, an annual event that provides students with the opportunity to take a break from studying and gather in the Atrium to enjoy employer-sponsored snacks, meals and giveaways. During Study Break 2013, which takes place on Tuesday, April 16, from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., we will be awarding Study Break Public Service Stipends to support unpaid summer internships in the public sector. The Study Break Public Service Stipends will be funded by donations from sponsors of Study Break.

Program Requirements
First- and second-year students who are selected to participate in the Study Break Public Service Stipend Program will receive a stipend of up to $4,000 to support at least 8 to 10 weeks of work in an unpaid legal internship with a government agency or a 501(c)(3) public interest organization. Internships with judicial courts are not eligible.

Students who are interested in receiving a Study Break Public Service Stipend must secure an internship with an eligible organization, designate a supervising attorney at that organization, and apply for the stipend. Both the value and number of stipends awarded depends on the availability of funding; selection of recipients is expected to be competitive.

Application Process
Interested first- or second-year students should apply by submitting the Study Break Public Service Stipend Application and required documentation in PDF format via email to cso@law.utexas.edu or drop off at the Career Services Office (TNH 3.130).

The application deadline for the Study Break Public Service Stipend Program is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3.
Applicants will be informed of final decisions no later than April 12, 2013.

Selection Criteria
A review committee will evaluate the applications and select recipients based on: (1) the nature of the work and relevance to the applicant’s long-term career goals; (2) student record of participation and involvement at UT Law; and (3) the overall quality of the application.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Aitken, Career Counselor, at naitken@law.utexas.edu or 512-232-6056.