How to Use LinkedIn to Connect with UT Law Students and Alumni

The University of Texas School of Law Alumni-Student Connections is a valuable resource for UT Law students and alumni seeking information on a wide range of topics, from career paths to job search advice, to job market trends in diverse geographic locations. Alumni members can share their insights and expertise with students seeking to expand their job-related knowledge and enhance their professional experiences. The University of Texas School of Law Alumni-Student Connections group is especially helpful to students wanting to expand their networks. Students can use it to establish an assortment of contacts and become involved with the professional legal community. UT Law alumni offer the wisdom of their experiences to assist students in their preparations for life after law school.

To search for fellow students or alumni by city or employer:

  1. Join The University of Texas School of Law Alumni-Students Connections Group.
  2. Once your request to join is accepted, go to the “Interests” tab and then select the group.
  3. While in the group, click on the “Members” tab and place the employer or city name in the search field.
  4. Depending on your question, you may want to reach out directly to any of the members by introducing yourself as a current student at UT Law and that you are both members of the UT Law Alumni-Students Connections Group. By letting other members know about your connection, you’ll be more likely to receive a response.
  5. Or, you are welcome to go to “Discussions” and post a general question to the entire group such as “I’m currently a first-year student at UT Law and want to learn more about working in Chicago.”

If you have any questions about LinkedIn, please contact the CSO at