Navigating Fall OCI: Advice from Rising 3L, C.C. Huang

The CSO asked several students and recent grads to share their advice on navigating the Fall OCI recruiting season. Over the summer we will be sharing their tips about the research and bidding process, including strategies for ranking employers, what to expect during OCI, and more.

Rising 3L student, C.C. Huang, who is working this summer as a law clerk with the City of Austin, candidly shares her Fall OCI advice:

What resources did you find most helpful when researching employers?
With regards to OCI, I found the spreadsheet with OCI attendees and historical hiring information the most helpful. I narrowed my list down by desired locations, then according to GPA (lowest to highest within each location), and finally by practice areas (most desired to least desired).

How long does it take to go through the bidding process? How much time should we plan for?
I probably spent about 10-15 hours total reviewing employers and setting up my list of bids.

What suggestions do you have on the day of interviews?
Remember to smile and speak to recruiters.

If you had lottery interviews, did you have any success with them?
I got a callback from an employer with whom I was an alternate and a callback from a lottery interview.

What one piece of advice would you give to a rising 2L who may need to look outside of OCI to find a summer clerkship?
If it does not look like OCI is going to yield results, start cold-emailing non-OCI firms. If you are interested in government/public interest jobs, apply before March/April to be able to apply for summer funding in time.