Holiday Strategies for Students and New Professionals

From  Mary Crane (, who conducts our 1L Etiquette Dinners.

The approaching holiday season provides students and new professionals with opportunities to make new contacts and deepen relationships that already exist.  To make the most of this time, use these strategies:

Attend every holiday party and reception to which you are invited. Holiday get-togethers are important opportunities for you to connect with colleagues, clients and even potential future employers. As soon as an invitation arrives, RSVP indicating that you will attend. (From that point on, only an absolute emergency excuses your absence.) If several events are scheduled on a single night, make an appearance at as many events as possible.

List of 1L Holiday Receptions Across the Country on Symplicity (see Events)

Keep communications festive. Holiday parties are intended to be happy, social gatherings. They are not the time to press for feedback, lodge a complaint or ask for a job. Be prepared to congratulate others on their 2018 accomplishments. If party chit-chat is not your forte, ask others about their holiday plans and demonstrate a genuine interest in what they say.

Use holiday events to build your network. Introduce yourself to lots of people, especially people who you don’t know well. To ensure that you focus on connecting rather than eating, before you head to the party, eat a small snack. When you arrive, request a beverage and hold it in your left hand. This will help you look comfortable and approachable. If hunger pangs overtake, grab a nibble that you can eat neatly. But please, never make the mistake of obtaining both food and beverage at the same time. Keep your right hand available always for a warm handshake.

Send holiday greetings (paper or electronic) to all of your contacts. This is a great way to get your name in front of others one more time before the year ends. To the extent that you take time to add a personal note—one or two sentences will suffice—you will become more memorable.

Use the winter break to reconnect face-to-face. Many organizations experience their quietest time of year between Christmas and New Year. This means that many key decision-makers or possible new contacts, who have chosen not to take a vacation, may have more time than usual to meet with you. Take a risk this holiday season and reach out to people who you have always wanted to meet but haven’t yet. A single meeting request may turn into a new opportunity.

Develop your 2019 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-limited) goals. Begin by asking a series of questions, including: Who do you need to know? Who can help you make a connection with a potential key contact or prospective employer? How should you reach out to that person? When? And what should you say to that person or ask of them? The answers you develop should inform your goals.