Scheduling Interviews for October OCI, Spring OCI, & Public Service Career Fair

You must check Symplicity to see if you were awarded an interview.

October On-Campus Interviews Scheduling Instructions
Interviews will be categorized as either “preselect” or “alternate,” and you may decline any of these invitations if you decide not to interview with a particular employer. If you are listed as an alternate for an employer, you may be scheduled with that employer if space opens up on the employer’s schedule. If you see a time scheduled for an interview award, you are considered scheduled for an interview with the employer. After each decline period, you may be awarded additional interviews, so it is important that you check Symplicity daily to see if additional interviews are scheduled.

Note that students are limited to 25 interviews during October OCI. If you are selected by an employer as an alternate, your status will not change to preselect if you are scheduled for the interview. It is possible for students to be awarded interviews and not make the interview schedule. For example, Student A was selected as a preselect for 27 employers, but will only have 25 interviews scheduled.  Student A will have two interview awards left unscheduled, but will see all 27 preselect interview awards listed on Symplicity. Even students who were not selected as a preselect or alternate could make the schedule as a lottery pick.

  1. Log in to Symplicity and select [Interview Programs] .
  2. Select [Interview Programs] and then [Scheduled Interviews].
  3. Select the current October OCI Session from the drop-down menu.
  4. A listing of all interviews awarded through the bidding process will appear. Please note the following in the [Invitations] column:
    • Preselect: you have been selected for an interview and will be scheduled based on rankings and maximum number of interviews.
    • Alternate: you have been selected as an alternate and may be able to receive an interview slot if one becomes available. You can verify that an alternate interview has been awarded by clicking [Scheduled Interviews].
    • No action is needed to keep an interview. Be sure to note date and time.

Declining Interview Awards during October OCI
If you are no longer interested in an employer, you may decline any interviews awarded during the first and final decline periods decline awards during October OCI by submiting your cancellations online. The CSO will remove the interview(s) and your status will read as declined. This will open up the interview spot for another student.

Public Service Career Fair &  Spring On-Campus Interviews Scheduling Instructions
When a scheduling period opens on Symplicity, students will be able to view their interview status for each employer to whom they applied. If chosen for an interview, you will have the option of accepting or declining the interview. Alternates will have a separate sign-up period during which time open interview spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once you accept an interview, you will then select a specific interview time on the employer’s schedule. The CSO encourages students to allow at least 20 minutes between interviews in order to allow enough time to get from one interview to the next.