How to Submit Bids

We strongly encourage you to upload your application materials as a .pdf  to avoid conversion errors and system lag time. See instructions for uploading documents.

Please make sure that you finalize your selections before the bidding deadline.

  1. Log onto Symplicity.
  2. Select [Interview Programs] and then [Scheduling].
  3. Use the [Session] drop-down menu to select the interview program of interest. The resulting list of employers contains only those that have requested your class year. You may submit bids for these employers.
  4. Click the [Review] button to review the required application materials and hiring criteria.
  5. Once you have reviewed the employer, pay close attention to the “Bid/Application Details” box and attached the required documents.
    • If a document type is listed here, it is a required document for this specific employer. Example: If “cover letter” is in this box, and “none found” is to the right, you must return to the [Documents] section and upload a cover letter.
    • Note: Your “Default Resume” will be included with each application. To submit a different resume (or any requested documents) from those uploaded in your “Documents” section, select the appropriate document from the drop-down in the “Application Details” box.
    • If an employer is requesting you to list the preferred location(s), please do so.
    • Once this is done, you may click on the [Apply] button.

Ranking Employers
Rankings are used to assign lottery interviews for January and August OCI. The ranking of “1” denotes your first choice while the ranking of “60” denotes your last choice. Employers do not see your rankings. Rankings are also used for scheduling preselect and alternate interviews. In most cases, if chosen for more than 25 interviews, you will receive interview awards with the employers that you rank the highest. You can update the rankings at any time before the bidding period closes.

Resume collects will not count against your bid total. You are required to rank Resume Collect employers and should rank them last; i.e., if you have 60 bids for in-person interviews, you should rank resume collects starting with “61.”

Although bid ranking has no effect on other OCI programs, the Symplicity system requires you to “rank” your bids/resume submissions. Simply input the number based on the resumes you submit (first bid/resume submitted, 1; second bid/resume submitted, 2; third bid/resume submitted, 3; etc.)