How to Submit Bids

Please make sure that you finalize your selections before the bidding deadline. See instructions for uploading documents.

  1. Log onto Symplicity. (For Public Service Career Fair, log onto the Texas Consortium Symplicity Module).
  2. Select [Interview Programs] on the right.
  3. Use the [Session] drop-down menu to select the interview program of interest. The resulting list of employers contains only those that have requested your class year. You may submit bids for these employers.
  4. Click the [Apply] or [Review] button from the list of employers. You will then be redirected to a review page, which will include required application materials and hiring criteria information
  5. To apply, click the [Apply] button in the “Application Details” box to the right of the screen. Pay close attention to this box. If a document type is listed here, it is a required document for this specific employer. Example: If “cover letter” is in this box, and “none found” is to the right, you must return to the [Documents] section and upload a cover letter.
  6. Note: Your “Default Resume” will be included with each application. To submit a different resume (or any requested documents) from those uploaded in your “Documents” section, select the appropriate document from the drop-down in the “Application Details” box.

For Fall OCI, please be sure to rank your bids, which you may change at any time during the online bidding period.