Mail Merge Instructions

Using the mail merge feature in either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect allows you to save time in preparing batch cover letters, mailing labels, email messages and more. Each program’s mail merge wizard will show you how to:

  • Choose a document type (letter or labels) and main document
  • Connect to a data file and select records to merge
  • Add merge fields from your data file to your main document; and
  • Preview the completed merge and edit as needed.

Before opening your document to create a mail merge template, please be sure that you have your data file ready. This is usually an Excel document that lists each field name –  prefix, first name, last name, title, employer, address, city, state, zip and other fields that you may want to include – in the header or first row.

Once you have your data file ready, you may then open a Microsoft Word or WordPerfect file and search for “Mail Merge” for instructions.

See sample mail merge template, which show field names inserted. Note that your field names may be in your own data file.