How to Upload Materials to Symplicity

You must first upload a resume, as well as an unofficial transcript and other requested documents if applicable, onto Symplicity before applying to employers. Please upload your application materials as a .pdf  to avoid conversion errors.

Document Limitation
Symplicity allows you to upload up to 15 documents at a time. Once you’ve attached a document to an application, Symplicity saves a copy of the document to the application itself. Therefore, once you’ve applied to an employer with a document, you can go back to the “Documents” section and delete that document in order to upload another document for a separate application.

Updating Your Resume

  1. Log in to Symplicity (or the respective Symplicity module for the on- or off-campus interview program you are applying to).
  2. Select [Documents] box, then [Add New].
  3. Upload your revised resume and be sure to select it as your default resume.
  4. Go to [Interview Programs] and select a session from the drop-down menu.
  5. Under [Default OCI Resume] select your new resume from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select [Update Default] and then [Update All]. These buttons allow you to update your resume on all of your bids at one time.
    • If you wish to revise your resume for only one individual employer, click [Review] next to the employer and choose your resume of choice from the drop-down menu, then click [Update].
  7. To update your resume for your scheduled interview(s), you will need to go back to the [Scheduled Interviews] tab, click on each interview, select the updated resume from the drop-down menu, and click [Submit].

Updating Your Transcript

  1. Download your most recent transcript using the CSO Transcript Generator. If you are a 1L and do not have grades yet, you may upload a .pdf stating that grades will be released in January.
  2. Log in to Symplicity.
  3. Select [Documents].
  4. Delete your outdated transcript as you can store one law school transcript at a time.
  5. Upload your current unofficial Texas Law transcript and all current bids with your old transcript will be automatically updated within the active session.