Job Bank Access for Texas Law Alumni

The Job Bank on Texas Law Symplicity is available to Texas Law alumni at no cost. To learn more about how to use the Job Bank, including creating customized search agents, please refer to the Job Bank Reference Guide.

If you are an alumnus from another law school, you may want to see if your law school subscribes to the Intercollegiate Job Bank maintained by BYU Law.

Note about document limitation on Texas Law Symplicity

Texas Law Symplicity allows users to upload up to 10 documents at a time. For those who will be attaching a variety of documents to job bank applications, please note that once you’ve attached a document to an application, Texas Law Symplicity saves a copy of the document to the application itself. Therefore, once you’ve applied to an employer with any one document, you can go back to the “Documents” section and delete that document in order to upload another document for a separate application.