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The process of securing a fellowship is much like the job search process. First, you must research fellowships and find one for which you may be qualified and best suits your career goals. The application process can be as simple as filling out a form or as involved as putting together a detailed packet, complete with a statement of interest, a proposal for work, and outside letters of recommendation. Note that most postgraduate fellowships require applications to be received prior to graduation.

Due to budgetary constraints of public interest organizations and government agencies, many public service summer and postgraduate positions are unpaid. However, you can receive funding from outside resources to work at public service organizations during the summer or for a prescribed amount of time after graduation. This funding is typically awarded as a fellowship.

For a comprehensive list of available fellowships, please visit the Public Service Job Directory or review Chapter 10 of Harvard’s publication, Serving the Public: A Job Search Guide, which is available in the CSO Resource Library.