Transactional Studies

As an important and innovative part of its work, the Center hopes to enhance the ability of the Law School to prepare students for the transactional practices into which a large share of them will go. Supervised by Associate Director Brian Rider, the Center has two main projects in this area of its activities. First, it plans to invite a series of speakers each year to discuss topics that students need to understand to succeed in a business-focused law firm: rainmaking, profitability of a transactional law-practice, performance reviews, and the like. Second, the Center will foster a new series of courses at the Law School that focus on the differing nature of transactional practice, with a view to preparing the students for that kind of practice. The work builds on the school’s longstanding tradition in such courses, particularly Professor Stanley Johanson’s courses on trusts and estates. The Center’s efforts are reflected in courses such as:

Empirical Studies

Several members of the Center faculty have made important contributions to the development of empirical scholarship related to law and business. The Center focuses on those contributions and hopes to foster continued work in those areas at the University. See our page on some of the most important UT Empirical Resources for more information.