Prospective Students

The Law, Business, and Economics program at the law school is not a separate degree program, but rather an interest area for students who are interested in the intersection of legal policy and business or economics. Students pursuing degrees in several different disciplines will find that this program provides an excellent opportunity to get a broader perspective on the issues likely to be relevant in their future legal, business, or academic careers. Students may participate in program activities while pursuing a J.D. degree or obtaining a combined degree.

Business and economics materials are integrated to varying degrees in the law school’s first-year curriculum, typically in property, contracts and torts. The second- and third-year curriculum in the law school itself includes courses covering a wide variety of business, legal, and economic issues, ranging from regulation of markets to the design of business transactions. More broadly, the Center is a clearinghouse for information about courses and faculty in other departments in the University that may be of interest to students focused on these topics.

During the course of their studies, students may take advantage of different aspects of our program: law, business, and economics courses offered as part of the law school curriculum and an annual workshop series to showcase the latest work on cutting-edge topics. Together these represent a significant resource for students interested in our field.