Children's Rights Clinic jury trial team sitting at a table. Student Attorney Brooke Ginsburg, Supervising Attorney Leslie Strauch and Student Attorney Rebeca Ojeda.

Texas Law’s Children’s Rights Clinic successfully tries jury cases

The Children’s Rights Clinic successfully tried two back-to-back jury cases to verdict in February 2014.  In both cases, the state sought termination of parental rights.  The clinic also advocated termination.  The student attorneys participated in the trials from start to finish, including direct and cross-examination of several witnesses. Winning the jury verdicts freed the children for adoption.  While we do not try jury cases every semester, the clinic does give every student courtroom experience every semester.  Student attorneys actively represent children in all phases of the case, including at court review hearings, contested evidentiary hearings, and mediations.  Taking the clinic is a great way to develop lawyering skills.