Year: 2019

  • Neighbors cut ribbon at housing event
    With help from the Clinic, Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation (GNDC) developed the first community land trust program in Texas, in which homes are sold to homeowners, while the land underneath the home is leased to the homeowner via a 99-year ground lease. The ground lease prepared by the Clinic contains specific resale restrictions that ensure […]
  • Due to the ubiquity of concrete batch plants, many communities throughout Texas are suffering from the pollution caused by concrete batch plants. Neighbors report particulate emissions coating their homes and cars and causing respiratory problems. They also object to the diesel trucks that cut through their communities and emit toxic air pollutants while idling outside […]
  • Michael Raupp profile picture
    The Supreme Court Clinic is a unique and fascinating opportunity to see advocacy in action involving the most pressing legal questions of the day.  You will work with wonderful mentors, participate in preparations for oral argument, and—perhaps most importantly—learn to write to a court.  No matter where your career takes you, the ability to write […]