Children's Rights Clinic: Perspectives

  • Sarah Brown, Class of '17

    The Children’s Rights Clinic afforded me the opportunity to help others while gaining unparalleled advocacy experience. 

  • Meghan Cook Zuraw, Class of '09

    Through handling my own docket of cases, I learned practical skills like time management, negotiation, and dealing diplomatically with opposing parties and counsel.

  • Ashley Croswell, Class of '16

    Within a few weeks of being in the clinic, I was interviewing clients, speaking with other parties' counsel in the case, and attending court hearings.

  • Caitlin Chambers, Class of '15

    I am confident that through my work with the Children's Rights Clinic I have become a better advocate and person.

  • Sarah Bown, Class of '17

    The Children's Rights Clinic afforded me the opportunity to help others while gaining unparalleled advocacy experience.

  • Joshua Burke, Class of '17

    The clinic offers a great chance to develop as a professional while making a meaningful difference for children who need a voice in court.

  • Logan Leal, Class of '17

    I am confident that my work with the clinic greatly developed the skills that I will use as a litigator - not to mention, I was able to be a part of a great cause.

  • Sara Block, Class of '16

    I will be a better lawyer because of the skills I learned in this clinic; I am a better person for having been a voice for these kids.

  • Caitlin Chambers, Class of '15

    Being a student attorney in the Children's Rights Clinic is the most rewarding experience I have had at UT Law.

  • Rebekah Sills, Class of '15

    Along with being the most rewarding activity I did in law school, the Children's Rights Clinic is hands down the most substantive activity as well.

  • Kelli Benham, Class of '10

    The Clinic provides a unique opportunity to give back to the community by helping children through a legal process that may potentially impact the rest of their lives.

  • Brooke Ginsburg, Class of '13

    I am learning how the legal system works by managing my cases and building communication skills by speaking before a judge -- all in a safe environment where I can ask questions of my supervisor and receive real-time feedback.