Civil Rights Clinic: Perspectives

  • Camille Fenton, Class of '19

    Our coursework, and my work on a report advocating for the establishment of a public defender office in Travis County, have given me the tools to think about ways to address the larger, systemic issues in our criminal justice system.

  • Alexandra Manautou, Class of '16

    As a practicing attorney I use the skills that I learned in the Civil Rights Clinic every single day.

  • Maggie Cannell, Class of '16

    The Civil Rights Clinic gave me the chance to work in the same capacity as an associate at a firm in that I had the opportunity to write memos, conduct discovery, and meet with clients.

  • I consider the Civil Rights Clinic to be the most formative and important experience of my time at UT Law.

  • Eddie Flores, Class of '16

    [Professor Natarajan] helped bridge the gap that divides knowing how to think about the law and knowing how to effectively and efficiently go about applying the law.

  • Hannah Herzog, Class of '16

    Without a doubt, my experience in the clinic was instrumental in helping me procure post-graduate employment and allowed me to show up to my first day of work with real and valuable knowledge of the law and legal practice.

  • Kali Cohn, Class of '14

    My experience with the clinic has not only been the highlight of my time at Texas Law—but is the reason that I feel confident that law school was the correct professional choice for me.

  • Britt Glass, Class of '14

    I came into the clinic with little knowledge of civil rights law and left with a solid understanding of the substantive law and really useful litigation experience.

  • TJ Harris, Class of '15

    The Clinic has been an excellent opportunity to learn substantive civil rights law and apply it to a real-world situation.