Criminal Defense Clinic: Perspectives

  • Elizabeth Jones, Class of '20

    Of course, the Clinic challenged me as a law student. But you have guidance every step of the way. And you ultimately come out as a much better lawyer—and maybe person—at the end of it.

  • Natalie Fine, Class of '20

    The Clinic taught me that everything I do as a public defender, down to the smallest detail, is an opportunity to fight on behalf of my clients.

  • Laura Mahler, Class of '19

    The Criminal Defense Clinic showed me what the standard of practice should be for public defenders and set the bar for the type of representation I want to provide to every single client I have the privilege of standing next to in court.

  • Loura Proske, Class of '17

    The Clinic gives students an opportunity to take the lead on real cases for real clients, but you do so armed with the guidance and support of incredibly knowledgeable supervising attorneys.

  • Seth Manetta-Dillon, Class of '16

    My two semesters in the Criminal Defense Clinic were the most educational and inspirational of law school.

  • Tomas Castella, Class of '16

    From both a criminal law and litigation perspective, the practical experience will undoubtedly be an invaluable one as I start my career practicing law.

  • Megan Bishop, Class of '16

    Because of my training, experience, and education with the Criminal Defense Clinic, I feel ready and eager to begin my work as a public defender.

  • Mark Balfe, Class of '16

    The Criminal Defense Clinic was easily the most valuable experience I had during law school.

  • Eric M. Leventhal, Class of '11

    I can confidently say, without a doubt in my mind, that the Criminal Defense Clinic was the single best thing I did at Texas Law.

  • Jennifer Ann Gillespie, Class of '11

    In the classroom, Bill Allison and the Clinic supervisors were more encouraging, involved, and interested in my progress than any professor I have had.

  • Laura Garrett, Class of '10

    The Clinic surpassed all of my expectations. I learned valuable lessons in managing criminal cases from start to finish, and also gained important skills in dealing with clients, prosecutors, and judges.

  • William Cowardin, Class of '11

    Learning through experience, both your own and that of other Clinic students, makes the issues that lawyers constantly deal with accessible and compelling.

  • Elizabeth Fitch, Class of '12

    While I’ve had many valuable educational experiences at UT, the Clinic is the one thing I’ve done during my tenure in which I felt like a lawyer—with all the joy, frustration and terror that goes along with it.

  • Jim Hartle, Class of '13

    The Criminal Defense Clinic served me well as a valuable stepping-stone from the world of legal theory to the world of legal practice, all while allowing me to help real people deal with difficult legal problems.