Domestic Violence Clinic: Perspectives

  • Anya Morgan

    Being a student attorney in the Domestic Violence Clinic was the perfect gentle transition into being a real lawyer.

  • Stephanie James

    The Clinic has provided me with an amazing opportunity to work directly with clients who have challenging cases.

  • Laura Shoemaker

    By meeting with clients in-person and becoming personally involved with each case, I learned what it meant to be an advocate, rather than merely a lawyer.

  • Amanda Laviage

    Getting the chance to advocate for real clients that are in great need of our services is not only practically useful, but also incredibly rewarding.

  • Tovah Pentelovitch

    Working with clients is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling and it seems that every law student should have such an experience before graduating.

  • Jessica Prado

    The skills and knowledge I have gained through my experiences in the Clinic go far beyond anything that can be learned in a classroom.

  • Melvin Huang, Class of '10

    Working with other committed, passionate DVC students was one of the most rewarding aspects of the Clinic, since most student-student interaction in traditional classes is limited to study groups.

  • Clinic Client