Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic: Perspectives

  • Lauren Richter, Class of '19
  • Kendall Williams, Class of '17

    It was an amazing experience that exposed me to a nuanced practice of law that is dynamic, impactful, and rewarding.

  • Allison Bendele, Class of '16

    No other programs, including summer clerkships, provided the level of professional development and client interaction that I was privileged to have gained during my time at the Clinic.

  • Stephanie Trinh, Class of '14

    I was able to build off my work in the clinic and it has helped launch my career as a community lawyer in Austin.

  • Hersh Verma, Class of '15
  • Alexa Bertinelli, Class of '11

    The Community Development Clinic was the best experience I’ve had in law school thusfar.

  • John Phillips, Class of '12

    The Community Development Clinic has been one of the best experiences I have had while in law school, and has shaped my career as a lawyer.

  • James Willson, Class of '14

    The Community Development Clinic gave me the most exposure to real clients and real legal work than any of my other classes.

  • Stephanie Trinh, Class of '14

    The Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic provided me with a great opportunity to serve my community while gaining real transactional lawyering experience.