Environmental Clinic: Perspectives

  • Abbey Jones, Class of '21

    The environmental clinic was my most enjoyable, rewarding experience of law school.

  • Liam Veazey, Class of '22

    If you are interested in environmental law, civil rights, community lawyering, or simply learning how to be a good legal advocate, I highly recommend the Environmental Clinic.

  • Katie Jeffress, Class of '21

    The Environmental Clinic provides an opportunity to learn real-life lawyering skills, work on meaningful projects, and meet environmental lawyers across the state.

  • Matt Frederick, Class of '21

    The Environmental Clinic will not only teach you how to be an environmental lawyer, but why a career in environmental law is for you.

  • Stephen Snow, Class of '21
  • Susan Stradley

    The Environmental Law Clinic was one of the most valuable experiences I had during law school.

  • Brian Downs

    If you're looking for the opportunity to work on impactful projects and learn from experts in environmental law, you should work in the Environmental Clinic.

  • Thales Smith

    If you are interested in understanding how environmental statutes affect the people of Texas and gaining experience with administrative law, take the Environmental Clinic.

  • Payne Keinarth

    My time in the clinic was an incredible experience. I was able to learn how to do research in new areas of law, sharpen my writing skills, and contribute in a meaningful way to helping our clients.

  • Audrey Elise Doane

    The Environmental Clinic was a highlight of my law school experience.

  • Jori Reilly-Diakun

    Working for the Clinic was a great experience.

  • Kristine Baumstark
  • George Vallas, Class of '11

    The Environmental Clinic was a hugely rewarding experience. Professor Haragan takes a real interest in the development of her students, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work closely with her.

  • Roberta Borges, Class of '11

    I hoped that my experience in the Environmental Law Clinic would allow me to better understand the differences and similarities between the legal systems in Brazil and the U.S. The Clinic gave much more than that...

  • Nick Ybarra, Class of '11

    The clinic solidified many of the abstract concepts of law school by allowing me to practice them in the real world.