Human Rights Clinic: Perspectives

  • Albert Suarez IV

    The Human Rights Clinic is an excellent opportunity to help people from all across the globe, to further develop your research and writing skills, and to gain a strong understanding of the human rights landscape generally.

  • Luis Soberon

    The experience has been a point of interest for job interviews since then, and the freedom and independence I was afforded to craft an advocacy strategy has taught me a great deal about human rights.

  • Laura A. R. Schurr
  • Fraser Grant
  • Marshall Mundy

    The Human Rights Clinic was an extremely valuable experience for me primarily because I was given the chance to do work on actual cases involving real people.

  • Cat McCulloch

    The clinic challenged my understanding of human rights law and my role as a law student working within the human rights movement.

  • Will Chambers

    The Human Rights Clinic has been instrumental in providing me with a framework to understand the realities of work in the field of international human rights.

  • Trevor Sharon

    The Human Rights Clinic was a major highlight of my time at law school.

  • Ala Ahmad

    My work with the clinic showed me the importance of human rights clinics at UT and elsewhere and their great contribution to human rights.

  • Andrew Nicholson

    The Clinic was a fascinating and highly rewarding insight into the world of legal human rights work and professional legal work generally.

  • Laura Hoffmann

    If you are considering a career in human rights law, there is no other law school class that will give you this type of exposure.

  • Ramon Setz

    The wealth of knowledge and experience gained in the course of the clinic will be invaluable to my legal career...

  • Anjela Jenkins

    The Human Rights Clinic is an experience I think is priceless for those who want to pursue a career in human rights, and an excellent opportunity even for those with only a passing interest in the topic.

  • Nita Garg, Class of '11

    While I've always known I want to pursue a career in this field, hearing and seeing the impact human rights law can have on those who most need the law on their side, left an indelible mark.

  • Jessica Osorio

    Through the HRC, I gained the experience I looked for in graduate school, I have developed skills that I will use in years to come as I work to support the rights of peoples that have been marginalized throughout the Americas.

  • Santiago Mesta

    My experience in the Clinic was outstanding and unique in ways that I could have never expected.

  • Grace Beecroft

    To see the final effects of our work when both projects were finalized and public awareness of the issues was captured was an unforgettable experience!

  • Melvin Huang

    The Human Rights Clinic has probably been my most substantive and influential law school experience.

  • Stacy Cammarano

    ...the Clinic has given me both the practical experience and the theoretical understanding to be a conscientious human rights advocate.