Juvenile Justice Clinic: Perspectives

  • Stephanie Franco

    I learned about different types of law and then put that knowledge into action by meeting with actual clients and representing those clients in court.

  • Matthew Barry

    The Juvenile Justice Clinic was a great experience for me! It taught me the practical skills of interacting with clients, coming up with legal arguments, and presenting those legal arguments in court.

  • Susannah Volpe

    The Juvenile Justice Clinic taught me the crucial importance of patience and persistence as an advocate.

  • Tully Minoski

    The study of law and the practice of law are very different, and I think that the Juvenile Justice Clinic was one of my most valuable experiences in law school specifically because it facilitates the transition from the study to the practice of law.

  • Morris Sheats

    During the Spring of 1996, I handled cases for several kids in the Juvenile Justice Clinic.