Transnational Worker Rights Clinic: Perspectives

  • Student 6

    The clinic placed me in a situation which stirred inside of me that thing which I had lost.

  • Student 5

    The client contact and actually working on real cases, rather than reading about them in books, is an invaluable experience that every law student should have.

  • Student 4

    I am happy to give back. It has been a fantastic experience, I'm glad I was a part of it.

  • Student 3

    What has been most important to me about the Clinic is that the legal work takes place in the context of a community of values.

  • Student 2

    ...seeing the global picture makes it easier to separate out the causes/motivations/effects of certain labor abuses on a discrete population.

  • Student 1

    If you are a person who learns by doing, it is the best environment in which to gain practical experience.