• Kendall Williams, Class of '17

    It was an amazing experience that exposed me to a nuanced practice of law that is dynamic, impactful, and rewarding.

  • Allison Bendele, Class of '16

    No other programs, including summer clerkships, provided the level of professional development and client interaction that I was privileged to have gained during my time at the Clinic.

  • Joseph Keeney, Class of '14

    I attribute my chosen career path to the knowledge I gained in this clinic, and I highly recommend it to any law student interested in political law, policy creation, or public service.

  • Morris Sheats, Class of '96

    During the Spring of 1996, I handled cases for several kids in the Juvenile Justice Clinic.

  • Briana Perez, Class of '17

    The Immigration Clinic is truly the most rewarding project I have undertaken as a law student, and the opportunities the clinic program gives to students can't be overstated.

  • Anya Morgan, Class of '17

    Being a student attorney in the Domestic Violence Clinic was the perfect gentle transition into being a real lawyer.

  • Leslie Montalvo, Class of '15

    The Housing Clinic is an incredible opportunity to practice law, but more importantly, it is a chance to help people in a meaningful way.

  • Alexandra Manautou, Class of '16

    As a practicing attorney I use the skills that I learned in the Civil Rights Clinic every single day.

  • Seth Manetta-Dillon, Class of '16

    My two semesters in the Criminal Defense Clinic were the most educational and inspirational of law school.

  • Emily Kirby, Class of '16

    The Mental Health Clinic was the most rewarding and eye opening experience that I had while in law school.

  • Scott Keller, Class of '07

    The Supreme Court Clinic was one of the highlights of my education at Texas Law.

  • Leah Glowacki, Class of '16

    Doing everything from advocating for the release of families from detention to preparing asylum cases and engaging in interesting research motivated me to pursue a career defending immigrant's rights.

  • Stephanie Franco, Class of '14

    I learned about different types of law and then put that knowledge into action by meeting with actual clients and representing those clients in court.

  • Meghan Cook Zuraw, Class of '09

    Through handling my own docket of cases, I learned practical skills like time management, negotiation, and dealing diplomatically with opposing parties and counsel.

  • Maggie Cannell, Class of '16

    The Civil Rights Clinic gave me the chance to work in the same capacity as an associate at a firm in that I had the opportunity to write memos, conduct discovery, and meet with clients.

  • Stephanie James, Class of '15

    The Clinic has provided me with an amazing opportunity to work directly with clients who have challenging cases.

  • Jasmine Grant, Class of '16

    Although we didn't get the results we wanted, the advocacy experience we received was invaluable.

  • Ashley Croswell, Class of '16

    Within a few weeks of being in the clinic, I was interviewing clients, speaking with other parties' counsel in the case, and attending court hearings.

  • Caitlin Chambers, Class of '15

    I am confident that through my work with the Children's Rights Clinic I have become a better advocate and person.

  • Tomas Castella, Class of '16

    From both a criminal law and litigation perspective, the practical experience will undoubtedly be an invaluable one as I start my career practicing law.

  • I consider the Civil Rights Clinic to be the most formative and important experience of my time at UT Law.

  • Megan Bishop, Class of '16

    Because of my training, experience, and education with the Criminal Defense Clinic, I feel ready and eager to begin my work as a public defender.

  • By meeting with clients in-person and becoming personally involved with each case, I learned what it meant to be an advocate, rather than merely a lawyer.

  • Ashley Steele, Class of '14

    [The Clinic] provided some of the most practical preparation and training in my chosen field that I received at UT.

  • Sarah Bown, Class of '17

    The Children's Rights Clinic afforded me the opportunity to help others while gaining unparalleled advocacy experience.

  • Joshua Burke, Class of '17

    The clinic offers a great chance to develop as a professional while making a meaningful difference for children who need a voice in court.

  • Matt Drecun, Class of '17
  • Eddie Flores, Class of '16

    [Professor Natarajan] helped bridge the gap that divides knowing how to think about the law and knowing how to effectively and efficiently go about applying the law.

  • Hannah Herzog, Class of '16

    Without a doubt, my experience in the clinic was instrumental in helping me procure post-graduate employment and allowed me to show up to my first day of work with real and valuable knowledge of the law and legal practice.

  • Alexandra Bistline, Class of '14

    Actual Innocence students have the chance to be the driving force in moving cases forward for those who would otherwise be without an advocate in the system.

  • Logan Leal, Class of '17

    I am confident that my work with the clinic greatly developed the skills that I will use as a litigator - not to mention, I was able to be a part of a great cause.

  • Ian Petersen, Class of '16

    The Clinic empowers students are able make a tangible difference in the lives of community members.

  • Stephanie Trinh, Class of '14

    I was able to build off my work in the clinic and it has helped launch my career as a community lawyer in Austin.

  • Hersh Verma, Class of '15
  • Kate Wagner, Class of '11

    Of all my experiences in law school, the Clinic was the most useful to me during my clerkships and in my practice.

  • Danielle Wolfson Young, Class of '15
  • Mark Balfe, Class of '16

    The Criminal Defense Clinic was easily the most valuable experience I had during law school.

  • Sara Block, Class of '16

    I will be a better lawyer because of the skills I learned in this clinic; I am a better person for having been a voice for these kids.

  • Caitlin Chambers, Class of '15

    Being a student attorney in the Children's Rights Clinic is the most rewarding experience I have had at UT Law.

  • Rebekah Sills, Class of '15

    Along with being the most rewarding activity I did in law school, the Children's Rights Clinic is hands down the most substantive activity as well.

  • Matthew Barry, Class of '15

    The Juvenile Justice Clinic was a great experience for me! It taught me the practical skills of interacting with clients, coming up with legal arguments, and presenting those legal arguments in court.

  • Getting the chance to advocate for real clients that are in great need of our services is not only practically useful, but also incredibly rewarding.

  • Tovah Pentelovitch, Class of '15

    Working with clients is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling and it seems that every law student should have such an experience before graduating.

  • Jessica Prado, Class of '15

    The skills and knowledge I have gained through my experiences in the Clinic go far beyond anything that can be learned in a classroom.

  • Blake Jenkins, Class of '15

    The Actual Innocence Clinic gave me the chance to do real legal work for people in need.

  • Sofia Meissner, Class of '15

    I very much enjoyed the many opportunities for collaboration as well as forming a relationship with our client.

  • Student 6

    The clinic placed me in a situation which stirred inside of me that thing which I had lost.

  • Student 5

    The client contact and actually working on real cases, rather than reading about them in books, is an invaluable experience that every law student should have.

  • Student 4

    I am happy to give back. It has been a fantastic experience, I'm glad I was a part of it.

  • Student 3

    What has been most important to me about the Clinic is that the legal work takes place in the context of a community of values.

  • Student 2

    ...seeing the global picture makes it easier to separate out the causes/motivations/effects of certain labor abuses on a discrete population.

  • Student 1

    If you are a person who learns by doing, it is the best environment in which to gain practical experience.

  • Melvin Huang, Class of '10

    The Human Rights Clinic has probably been my most substantive and influential law school experience.

  • Anjela Jenkins, Class of '11

    The Human Rights Clinic is an experience I think is priceless for those who want to pursue a career in human rights, and an excellent opportunity even for those with only a passing interest in the topic.

  • Nita Garg, Class of '11

    While I've always known I want to pursue a career in this field, hearing and seeing the impact human rights law can have on those who most need the law on their side, left an indelible mark.

  • Jessica Osorio, Class of '11

    Through the HRC, I gained the experience I looked for in graduate school, I have developed skills that I will use in years to come as I work to support the rights of peoples that have been marginalized throughout the Americas.

  • Stacy Cammarano, Class of '10

    ...the Clinic has given me both the practical experience and the theoretical understanding to be a conscientious human rights advocate.

  • Santiago Mesta, Class of '11

    My experience in the Clinic was outstanding and unique in ways that I could have never expected.

  • Will Chambers, Class of '13

    The Human Rights Clinic has been instrumental in providing me with a framework to understand the realities of work in the field of international human rights.

  • Trevor Sharon, Class of '13

    The Human Rights Clinic was a major highlight of my time at law school.

  • Andrew Nicholson, Class of '12

    The Clinic was a fascinating and highly rewarding insight into the world of legal human rights work and professional legal work generally.

  • Ala Ahmad, Class of '13

    My work with the clinic showed me the importance of human rights clinics at UT and elsewhere and their great contribution to human rights.

  • Laura Hoffmann, Class of '12

    If you are considering a career in human rights law, there is no other law school class that will give you this type of exposure.

  • Grace Beecroft, Class of '11

    To see the final effects of our work when both projects were finalized and public awareness of the issues was captured was an unforgettable experience!

  • Marshall Mundy, Class of '14

    The Human Rights Clinic was an extremely valuable experience for me primarily because I was given the chance to do work on actual cases involving real people.

  • Ramon Setz, Class of '12

    The wealth of knowledge and experience gained in the course of the clinic will be invaluable to my legal career...

  • Cat McCulloch, Class of '14

    The clinic challenged my understanding of human rights law and my role as a law student working within the human rights movement.

  • Tiffany Larsen, Class of '10

    Being able to use my advocacy skills to represent clients in probable cause and commitment hearings against seasoned prosecutors while still in school was exhilarating and extremely rewarding.

  • Mark Terrell, Class of '11

    I did have one electrifying lawyer moment. The doctor was about to introduce some inadmissible - and very damaging - hearsay, and I objected. The judge sustained my objection, took the case under advisement...

  • Stephen Tausend, Class of '10
  • Erin Elena Smith, Class of '10

    My experience in the clinic helped me discover the type of law that I want to practice, and will no doubt prove invaluable in my legislative counsel position after graduation.

  • Joshua S. Houston, Class of '10

    I hope to spend a good bit of my career around the Legislature, where negotiation is an essential skill that I would not have otherwise been taught in law school but for this course.

  • Aaron K. Thompson, Class of '10

    The clients were diverse and interesting, the work was rewarding, and the course’s classroom component supplemented our projects beautifully.

  • Susannah Volpe, Class of '11

    The Juvenile Justice Clinic taught me the crucial importance of patience and persistence as an advocate.

  • Tully Minoski, Class of '10

    The study of law and the practice of law are very different, and I think that the Juvenile Justice Clinic was one of my most valuable experiences in law school specifically because it facilitates the transition from the study to the practice of law.

  • The Human Rights Clinic is an excellent opportunity to help people from all across the globe, to further develop your research and writing skills, and to gain a strong understanding of the human rights landscape generally.

  • Luis Soberon, Class of '15

    The experience has been a point of interest for job interviews since then, and the freedom and independence I was afforded to craft an advocacy strategy has taught me a great deal about human rights.

  • Laura A. R. Schurr, Class of '14
  • Fraser Grant, Class of '15
  • Michelle Rojas, Class of '11

    I so enjoyed the Housing Clinic, and the biggest lesson I learned was that of client advocacy.

  • Lia Davis, Class of '11

    Beyond the great work I got to do in the Clinic, the opportunity to work with Fred Fuchs was truly a life-changing experience.

  • George Vallas, Class of '11

    The Environmental Clinic was a hugely rewarding experience. Professor Haragan takes a real interest in the development of her students, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work closely with her.

  • Roberta Borges, Class of '11

    I hoped that my experience in the Environmental Law Clinic would allow me to better understand the differences and similarities between the legal systems in Brazil and the U.S. The Clinic gave much more than that...

  • Nick Ybarra, Class of '11

    The clinic solidified many of the abstract concepts of law school by allowing me to practice them in the real world.

  • Kristine Baumstark, Class of '13
  • Alexa Bertinelli, Class of '11

    The Community Development Clinic was the best experience I’ve had in law school thusfar.

  • John Phillips, Class of '12

    The Community Development Clinic has been one of the best experiences I have had while in law school, and has shaped my career as a lawyer.

  • James Willson, Class of '14

    The Community Development Clinic gave me the most exposure to real clients and real legal work than any of my other classes.

  • Stephanie Trinh, Class of '14

    The Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic provided me with a great opportunity to serve my community while gaining real transactional lawyering experience.

  • Melvin Huang, Class of '10

    Working with other committed, passionate DVC students was one of the most rewarding aspects of the Clinic, since most student-student interaction in traditional classes is limited to study groups.

  • Clinic Client
  • Eric M. Leventhal, Class of '11

    I can confidently say, without a doubt in my mind, that the Criminal Defense Clinic was the single best thing I did at Texas Law.

  • Jennifer Ann Gillespie, Class of '11

    In the classroom, Bill Allison and the Clinic supervisors were more encouraging, involved, and interested in my progress than any professor I have had.

  • Laura Garrett, Class of '10

    The Clinic surpassed all of my expectations. I learned valuable lessons in managing criminal cases from start to finish, and also gained important skills in dealing with clients, prosecutors, and judges.

  • William Cowardin, Class of '11

    Learning through experience, both your own and that of other Clinic students, makes the issues that lawyers constantly deal with accessible and compelling.

  • Elizabeth Fitch, Class of '12

    While I’ve had many valuable educational experiences at UT, the Clinic is the one thing I’ve done during my tenure in which I felt like a lawyer—with all the joy, frustration and terror that goes along with it.

  • Jim Hartle, Class of '13

    The Criminal Defense Clinic served me well as a valuable stepping-stone from the world of legal theory to the world of legal practice, all while allowing me to help real people deal with difficult legal problems.

  • Kali Cohn, Class of '14

    My experience with the clinic has not only been the highlight of my time at Texas Law—but is the reason that I feel confident that law school was the correct professional choice for me.

  • Britt Glass, Class of '14

    I came into the clinic with little knowledge of civil rights law and left with a solid understanding of the substantive law and really useful litigation experience.

  • TJ Harris, Class of '15

    The Clinic has been an excellent opportunity to learn substantive civil rights law and apply it to a real-world situation.