Legislative Lawyering Clinic

The Legislative Lawyering Clinic prepares students for intellectually-rewarding careers as legislative lawyers—lawyers who practice at the intersection of law and politics. Legislative lawyers help legislators, governors, administrators, and judges make and interpret law because of both their keen understanding of how law is created and their strong set of skills in reading and crafting legal texts.

The Legislative Lawyering Clinic will not be offered in 2019-20. 

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Cases and Projects

Student proposes state adoption of Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act

A Clinic student worked closely with the director and staff of the Tarleton Law Library to propose state adoption of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act, which is designed to ensure the integrity of legal material posted online.  This student guided law school faculty in the preparation of written and oral testimony before the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee.

Clinic students work with Texas Ethics Commission

One pair of students analyzed rulemaking proposed by the Texas Ethics Commission designed to curb the use of “dark money” – campaign contributions secretly funneled through non-profit corporations – in Texas elections.  These students submitted written comments to the Ethics Commission, analyzing the constitutionality of the proposed rule and offering substantive changes to ensure that the resulting rule is lawfully applied and legally defensible.  In the wake of hallmark campaign finance cases such as Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FEC , these students were at the cutting edge of state-level efforts to ensure transparency in the democratic process.