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Spring 2018 Courses

Unique # Class Title Instructor Meeting Credits  
TBD Administrative Law Unknown 3
TBD Adv Lgl Wr: Trnsactnl Drafting Unknown 2
TBD Adv Research: Intel Property Unknown 1
TBD Adv Research: Texas Law Unknown 1
TBD Adv Skills: Expert Witness Unknown 1
TBD Advanced Legal Research Unknown 1
TBD Advanced Legal Writing Unknown 2
TBD Advanced Research: Corp/Securities Unknown 1
TBD Advoc Prac/Thry for New Millen Unknown 4
TBD Advocacy Outside Courtroom B Unknown 2
TBD Advocacy Outside Courtroom a Unknown 2
TBD Advocacy Survey Unknown 3
TBD Advocacy Survey: Skills Unknown 1
TBD Alternative Dispute Resolution Unknown 3
TBD Amer Struggling Mid Class Unknown 2
TBD Americans with Disabilities Unknown 3
TBD Animal Law Unknown 3
TBD Antitrust Unknown 3
TBD Bankruptcy Unknown 3
TBD Business Associations Unknown 4
TBD Capital Punishment Unknown 3
TBD Capital Punishment, Adv Topics Unknown 3
TBD Civil Procedure Unknown 4
TBD Civil Procedure Unknown 4
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